Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Trailer Review

The Jurassic world Fallen Kingdom trailer was released yesterday. And if you’re like me and millions of others, then you probably had a chance to see the trailer yesterday as well. I am pleased that as we can see by the dark lighting and dark tone of the movie, that this will not be your average Jurassic movie. The dinosaurs in the movie look great, the CGI looks unbelievable, and the amount of action being pitched to us looks downright intoxicating. I was beyond excited to see the Carnotaurus introduced into the franchise. The way it moved and then slowly stalked Chris Pratt’s character Owen Grady was as captivating as it was terrifying. However it was extremely disappointing to see that the Carnotaurus was killed so quickly by the T-Rex. I can only hope that there are more scenes with the Carnotaurus in earlier parts of the movie. But nonetheless it was captivating to see a new predatory dinosaur introduced into the franchise. Judging the visuals that the trailer displayed, the great cinematic music, the fact that the franchise has stated we will see more dinosaurs than ever before, it is seeming more and more that Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is moving towards grossing over one billion dollars once again. All in all the trailer looks great, and the Jurassic world Community has really been talking quite a bit about Baryonyx lately. It was really cool to see this new predator emerge from the sewers. The scene itself appeared to be very reminiscent of Stephen King’s movie IT, where Pennywise comes out out of the sewers and terrifies the kids. Hopefully in the coming months we will learn more about the role of Carnotaurus, Baryonyx, and the overall movie in general. I look forward to seeing more teasers and more information as we get closer to the films arrival. Let us know your comments and thoughts on both the trailer as well as the movie. JURASSIC WORLD FALLEN KINGDOM is set to hit movie theaters June 22, 2018.



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